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I think what sorta happened with flatland is that it became very hardcore-underground and since it did not get as much recognition as the aerial stuff the guys doing it said, f-it, I don’t want people to know about it.

I was heavily into flatland when I was freestyling hardcore and did it just as much as jumping, ramping and streeting, and it really bums me out that it has died out like it has. I’d love to see a bunch of little dudes trying endos, lawnmowers, backyards, hang-fives etc so they could advance on to the crazy pro stuff. But in order to do that it will take some motivated flatlanders to put the sport out there for everyone to see and approach people like nike, redbull ( who already do alot for flatland right now just not in the USA) to organize comps and make new little dudes and dudettes feel welcome.
Flatland is huge in other countries, it would take some work to do it here but as I have learned doing this BMX thing…

anything is possible.

Maybe, you, me, Rod, suthnjflat and whoever else we could get on board should consider doing a couple flat comps next year.