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you know the little bikes that kids ride before they get their training wheels off? usually its a 16″ bike… anything that has 16″ wheels… dans bike he likes the best is actually a 12 ” with 16″ wheels.. he went to a garage sale a couple of yrs ago and took 5 little bikes( 5 for $5 was a bargain too good to pass up) and and took the parts off them and made 3 bikes.

some people use larger frames and just stick 16″ wheels on them( although some ppl think that is kind of cheating… dosnt matter really)

the bigger guys look like clowns on these little bikes. they actually sell them in the bike shops im sure they are expensive but most ppl use the garage sale/ or kmart brand and just clean them up…. a little creativity and a can of spray paint goes a long way…..

but the little guys are a hoot to watch they actually look “normal” on them