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Well, well, well. This topic has really brought out the stupid in people. Bmxer901 takes the prize with his hypothesis that dirt turns would be an insurance problem. You must have been up all night coming up with that one, professor. Perhaps you should smoke pot AFTER getting on the computer and not before.

Penny is making more sense than all of you guys. For anyone that wants to return to 1982 I suggest you start your own track. Then you can make it any way you like. Hell, you can douse it with water and run mud races every week. That would be “MX” wouldn’t it?

People took their feet off the pedals back in the day because turns were flat and we were still imitating motocross. We wanted to look and feel just like motocross stars. The only thing is motorcycles have a MOTOR. Bicycles don’t. Kinda difficult to get speed with one foot off on a bicycle. People finally realized that 15 years later and the old foot-off technique went away.

Chandler, by the way, being in the desert and getting no rain was hard as rock. The turns were so hard and smooth that peoples tires were laying down rubber, creating a black line around the turns. There was no roosting in those turns. Come to think of it, makes me wonder if they did have soiltac back in 89 when I was there.

I actually prefered dirt turns and it can be done but it takes a ton of work. I can’t blame any track for using asphalt because there’s no maintenance. For any one that suggests running dirt turns you DAMN well better step up and be there every week to work on it. And where have all you dirt lovers been while Bensalem has been struggling these past few years? They’ve got five enormous dirt turns waiting for you. Let’s see you put your money where your mouth is and work on those turns. If you hurry you’ve got a few weeks left.