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ok here goes.. this is just a thought maybe there are probs with it but here goes anyway

the state series aka end result / finals for the local racing scene for the season… is mostly made up of rookies and novices correct? many experts are doing nationals on the weekends and the co mplaint is always how do you keep the tracks open when the other riders are going to nats…… so its really for the rookies and novs and experts who dont do nationals…

this is not a post about how many nationals there are so forge arguing about that..

if the state series you want to include mostly rookies/ novs why not allow teams to have whatever amt of rookies novs they want? i know years ago there was a prob with “all rookie teams” and with the new change of move up points i cant see a rider staying rookie forever so bagging should be out of the picture also…

if the state team series would allow ANY number of rookies on a team( also novs) would this encourage more teams to start up thus using more rookies/ novs and keeping them racing at different tracks( doing the series) ? then maybe there would be more at the championship?

kids like being on a team, adds to the excitement.

this is just a thought not well thought out just repeating a conversation i had with someone last weekend on the subject. i agree with dave on this one… if a kid gets excited about being on a team then its served its purpose. the kid asks to go to the race more often, and races more…

any thoughts? also i kind of like the no looking at the moto sheets its like a crap shoot… never actually thought of it that way i know the aba( so im told) uses that team sheet method) how does it work actually? sounds interesting… but with us we use moto points do they only use main points?