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it should be noted that nothing has been handed over to me, the changes made at the meeting were the following:

njbmx inc would submit for free lifetime webhosting to dreamhost.com. because they allow 501c3’s free webhosting (remember my rants about non-profit charitable organizations?)
~we did and now whatever NJBMX site there is will have unlimited free hosting~

a new name for the official NJBMX site would be chosen and that name would be owned by NJBMX Inc. itself.

to allow for flexibility of new people helping out on doing the site, the username and passwords would be held by NJBMX Inc.

I also made it clear that in no way was this about me wanting the NJBMX Inc site but it was about allowing the people who do the actual riding control of the site that dispenses official BMX racing info for NBL NJBMX. Which Lee Matos has stepped up and said he would do the design work for the state. (To that I shall add that no one is gonna stifle this young dudes creative juices for what he wants to do…hable?)
What really made me sick was that the only people who voted against changing this was the EHT reps, when it was one of their OWN ALUMNI LEE, who stepped up and said he would design it.

But again nothing was given to anyone, but something was given to everyone. I know what you’re saying though Dave, in effect the site was given to the state.

So at this point it’s just a matter of picking a name…
web design stuff isn’t hard for an old fart like me, I’m sure MCE certified Lee will just have no problem at all…