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when did they get rid of the jacket? danny has a few of them but in recent years didnt chase state points ( not becuase of the jacket) but just to let someone else have a shot at a title for a change… so i dont remember when they did away with that..?

i think they replaced the jacket with free presidents cup entry? why does that stick in my head? but then again what happens when the rider dosnt go to pres cut..nah that cant be it…

i think in ny they do #1 gets pres cup entry plus room in ohio. ct gives each rider who gets #1 awards dinner for free plus pres cup.

also like glen said the # of locals maybe too much.. what is the amt pa has to do in order to race the pa state championship? i know a few yrs ago a friend of ours from pa said dan could do pa state series as they only had to do 2-3 locals and if they double up you can get it in 1 weekend.

but then again the purpose of the whole thing is to get more riders to local tracks right so how does decreasing the # locals help that situation?

maybe that survey with specific questions for parents/ riders is the way to go… hand out at state champ and collect there too… and for a couple of weeks afterwards..

great idea