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ok– the days of the zeronine plate are over– long over– if i have to hear about it one more time i might just go and stick a rusty fork in my eye.

the plates last year and this year are better than a few years back– i look at my 2003 plate– and remember getting the basiclly blank plate with a # in a large envelope in the mail.

now we had a “ceremony” and the plates are better than a few years back, they are.

i am not saying that more in return wouldn’t be nice, it would be great. but it’s like a double edge sword– to get more in return– we need more riders (entrance fees boost money going in) but to get more riders we need more in return.

with more riders perhaps entrance fees could drop– cause you could take a little from a large group as opposed to alot from a small group.

the question is

how do we lure riders from the nats back to the state series. you would think it would be easy with the costs of nats these days– but for some reason people love the national #s.

i don’t know– my fingers hurt. my brain is bleeding.