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@sickryder83 wrote:

i had no idea that i needed 5 races to be qualified. If i would have known that i would have raced the one extra. geuss i’ll just have to spoiler

We had all the rules posted on the newjerseybmx site all year. We also held a meeting at the first race at EHT and explained the rules.

Rules Of Competition

All competition rules set forth by the National Bicycle League, and outlined in the 2007 Rules of
Competition Rulebook, will be in effect and enforced during all events within the 2007 Hyper Pro/Am
Open Series.
Open Wheels classes are a combination of age, proficiency levels and cruiser bicycles (either 20″, 24″ or 26″ bicycles may be ridden in Open Wheels classes).
All amateurs MUST register and race their respective class at all events.
All participants must race a minimum of 5 qualifying open events and the championship event within the Hyper Pro/Am Series to be eligible for the end of year awards

You will not be the only spoiler out there at the championship race…. —

We will have a post later in the week with some news on the Pro/Am.