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@Pinky111 wrote:

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Here is where you insert foot in mouth

Now the question is should I go there????

Seems like he (kamikaze) really has nothing worthwhile to say. This is where you can ignore him Craig.

I hear ya Pinky. I will not even dignify that comment with a direct reponse to him or her because it will just be someone’s twisted view and distorted information. They’ll take something I typed and twist it.

Once again, AM I PERFECT? No. But I like to think my positives outweigh my bad points (which I know I have several, as we all do). If the lurkers want to keep trying to tear everyone down for everything little thing they think someone did wrong and forget to focus on the things they did right, then they for sure will kill BMX in NJ.

This is where people just don’t seem to see the bigger picture. I did not come back to this sport with any intention of making a difference or getting involved, just wanted to see if I could do it again, and maybe lose some weight, get in shape, etc. Along the way I have gotten somewhat involved and in ways I am good at. Have I ruffled some feathers, maybe. Do I make everyone happy, probably not. But has anything been done with bad intentions? No.

But when the lurkers come on here and start trouble, then that is nothing but BAD INTENTIONS which ultimately will do one thing: hurt the kids and the sport. Period.

Good night.