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Now this is some funny sh*t!

Bill, thats exactly what I am saying. All this bullshit is trying to tear the positive stuff down. And I’m not beating up Brett for his postings, he is just tellin it like it is.

And to answer the question, yes, I do race. Never said I was the best. But I think I have had my share of successful days at the track. Really does not matter what you think as long as I walk away that day knowing I gave it 100%, even on the days where I might not have it all together. I don’t train like Farside, so give me a break, I’m a 40yr old having fun on a 20″ bike. Dang.

What I would like to see from the peanut gallery is something constructive. They seem to know it all, so maybe they can actually chime in with something positive that will help grow this sport.

Personally, when I see all this bullsh*t, it shows me that alot of people really do not care about the kids. If you genuinely cared about them, you would be focused on working with EVERYONE to continue to grow this sport. Whether you are a fan of Brett or Ant, or not, you can not deny the fact that both are using the skills they have to the best of their abilities. Are they perfect, NO! Are you? But they are trying, and I think the majority of the folks in the state see that.

You want balls? Here is the ultimate test: lets hand out a questionnaire to every racer and family in the state asking them how they feel about NJBMX, the tracks, racing, etc. Lets see what the customers think? I will draft a letter and post it here to show its fair.