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I would like to know what ridenlow has done for NJbmx. Since they are so quick to judge the people who are doing things. I ask you what have you done so far that has made an impact on the racing scene. I have seen a 5 thousand dollar grant brought to the organization by the riders. A new website created by Brett Middaugh that was stolen by Jeff Morgan.That is intellectual property by the way Jeff. A nice statement by Janeen. I laugh every time I say that. Being an artist, I have never felt the need to stake a claim on my intellectual property. That issue has not been finalized yet. The Hyper pro am that people are totally stoked about .
So ridenlow I challenge you to have the testicular fortitude to introduce yourself and state what you have done.

Um ridinlow you got BEOTCH SLAPPED!!!!!!!! And chris uses her name. ya little wuss.