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thanks for checking..someo riders dont have a current aba license and im sur you would get a much better turn out if there could be a one day/ trial for any nbl rider who wants to check it out. if they have to pay for a licence (be it trial$30 if thats what it is) then pay for the race fee on top of it you wont have many takers..jmo

back when we had the “clash” race ( aba/nbl series) there was some sort of “agreement” with the 2 tracks for both sanctions where the riders didnt have to buy a full license..i dont remember exactly but i know dave was very helpful getting us nblers over to check it out. i think we brought at least 4-5 team members at the time who never rode aba before ..it was neat..

also what about those who had an aba license at one time and do not currently have one? would they have to renew to do the race?

just trying to figure out all the possible options..

what a great idea for a send off…