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Lets see:

Brett –
Announces races, takes pics, shoots video, maintains pro/am website, designs posters, helps secure grant, etc, etc, etc.

Starts up race team with local bike shop, gets riders to races, helps with 35x motofill, lol, helps neighbors fix there kids bikes, gives parts to them for free, etc, etc, etc.

until recently did 50-50 at every HCBMX race I have been to, has a very awesome son who inspires many of the little grommets to keep coming back (that fact alone – raising a kid like Danny speaks VOLUMES), will take the time to answer questions, volunteers whenever possible, etc, etc, etc.

They all do a lot more, but please, do not measure someone by whether or not they have an “officials” license.

Do we have a lot of great volunteers in this state that DO have officials license, yes. But just because you don’t have one, does not mean you are not helping, etc.

I think I’ll head on over to P-burgh to go riding with PBR. Maybe he does have this all figured out, lol.