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i have/had an officials license and it has just expired.i will not be renewing it due to personal reasons. if you would like to discuss these reasons you can pm me. the piece of paper means nothing if thats what you look at as proof of volunteerism and commitment. for example, i was handed a form about a yr ago and asked to sign them as a convenience to the track so they would have enough officials to run a race in case of an emergency ( i guess you have to have a min amt of officials present at every race) and i just recieved the “peice of paper” from the nbl 2 weeks before it expired.(right before the grands i guess they are a little behind in their mailing as i was told others from nj just got theirs recently as well)

what does an officials licence prove? i was involved at our track a long time before the piece of paper came in the mail. its just a formality in my mind. i f you need a title to validate yourself than more power to you.

oh and by the way what is the title of YOUR official license?? on my application someone checked stager or corner marshall(which i did about 1-2x) and i wrote in on the bottom fill in medic and 50/50 sales.. which i did for about 10-13 yrs….