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Dont let Jerry lie to you.. Remember that fight I had with him. He says one thing to your face then does evrything different when your not looking. He told me the same thing, then he tells his kid and everyone else that hes not changin anything and whoever takes over whenhes gone (yeah right) can do whatever they want. Like hes already planned to resurface the existing turns! hes not open to anything, hes a typical big shot at a big company. All talk. so 5-6 years ago when he took it over it was a nightmare, this is now and he doesnt care. I told him I had 25yrs in the sport and helped design the original track….He doesnt care. You can get 10 pros to say you need to change something…he doesnt care. Jerry is an AS*HOLE!!
Bu ti any case I hope you can get that track down there, thats right by my mom in Rockland, it would have a big draw from atleast NJ & NY, maybe CT.[/b]