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Jerry is planning some changes for next year. He’s started listening to the riders more. There’s a lot of things that people have complained about. He’s more willing to listen now. From what I understand that track was a horror show before Jerry took it over. It does have it’s problems, but we’re glad just to have a place to race. I had suggested to Jerry about making the 5th turn a 90 degree left hander and have that come into a new last straight that would run parallel to the starting hill. This would eliminate the existing last two straights and the 6th turn. It would also eliminate the uphill last straight. It would also give more room for spectators and pit areas.

Kingston will be pushing it for me.

It will be re surfaced and soil-tac’d for next season. The equipment for the new random cadence is being ordered.

Now to get back to the original topic.

There will be some type of news this weekend about the new track. I think that the chief has picked the spot and is going to show the members and explain the whole thing. They wanted Matt to come down to show off his equipment and explain a little about himself. But the NYS championship is this weekend. They completely understand and will have him down after Woodward.
Big things are brewing 😀