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@s4lnj wrote:

anything good hapen.

this should be an interesting answer 😕

Agreed Dave.

Okay Deb, have some coffee first, take a deep breath, etc.

I am personally trying to have an open conversation with all involved in yesterdays after-race “events”. Can I ask that all comments stay off the board here for now. I have spoken with three people so far, and have about 5-6 more to speak to. My goal is to bring some clarity to the events and hopefully get all the parties to discuss this as adults. Based on what I know now, my focus will be on moving forward in a way that is good for everyone, not worrying as much about past events, etc. Can’t change them, so we have to move forward.

I know Ant, your curious as all get out now. PM someone if you want some info, but lets please keep this off the board for now, please.