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@RaidenHayden wrote:

We had alot of fun back then, and thats what its supposed to be about

The last two weeks I raced the double headers at Flemington, and I have to say we had a lot of fun. A bunch of people are coming out to get there locals in for the state (yes Dave, one of your issues I bet) so we had a decent 30+ turn out and we had fun.

Oh, and Dean Cammaratta got a sponsor for the 30+ class:


“Yes, today’s 30 & over class brought to you by that one thing you just can’t race without – Oxygen. Our sponsor will be supplying ample amounts of it at the end of each race because, well, they need it!”

So Dave, yes, we can still have fun racing.

The only thing that dissapoints me is you and I have yet to be on a gate together, so you have to race some more, lol.