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Yeah I raced in every decade but our current one.
The 80s was way easier and more fun. I’m looking at photos of tracks from the early 70s even before my time, some had no jumps at all over 1 or 2 feet tall and still 100-200 kids would show. I guess those kids didnt know you have to progress in order to have fun on your bike.

I havent raced EHT since it was ABA and called Bargaintown. I did do gates back there when I was with Hyper, someone eve said I announced a time or two but dont remember that lol.

Todays EHT looks wayyy harder then it used to be. One slip up now and you can easily visit ER. Of course Bargaintown didnt have blacktop turns either, so what did we know back then.

Look at this track from 1977

I’d do a track like that, add a few more jumps and bam – kicked up a notch and tasting good.