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ok if i can quit anyone can…i was the worst( now the worst reformed smoker)

we tried everything.. finally went to a hypnotist(individ) and 15 yrs later voila…. well not totally voila… had to lay off the beers ( hubby) its hard to not associate the drinking with the butts…there is some behavior modification thats involved( homework)

some tips
/ behav mod/ tricks…see what you think…

no drinking your fav coctail/ bars…. if you normally drink beer switch to wine or scotch.. ( no kidding)

for those who are weaning off… no smoking w/alcohol..if you are in a bar you have go go outside to have a puff.. ifyou are driving you have to stop the car, get the pack out of the trunk , smoke it standing there at the side of the road like an idiot then procede on your journey.( its all about breaking association of habits), no coffee with your am cig,( the hardest one for me) i had to switch to hot tea and it killed me..

after you eat you do something busy with your hands… pref in water like dishes.. do the dishes for 5 mins..its that 1-3 min time period you assoc with having a cig after you eat. …after you eat do something physical. go for a walk…ride your bike for 15 mins… the urge will pass

increase your intake of fruit juice. esp drinking alot of orange juice.. the sugar in your bloodstream helps flush the nicotine out of your system faster( this is what the doc told us) also drink lots of water.

brush your teeth an extra time during the day. if you do it am and pm do it midday… just to reinforce that clean feeling.( as compared to the gross ashtry taste)

every night before bed we had to look in the mirror and say ” its great to be a non smoker”…dont ask its something to do with the hypnotist suggestions….

clean your house big time. shampoo rugs, curtains get that smell out of your house…. no smoking inside ( anyone) tuff shit its their decision to smoke in the rain not your problem ( for friends)

it gets easier after 72 hrs so stick with it…

day by day… take it 24 hrs at a time you can do it…also make a list of the positive things you get out of quitting..when you feel like having one read the list and add 1 more to it…

have your kids add to the list as well..

also set up a reward for 30 days…new cologne, perfume etc…. hummer whatever…lol

good luck!!