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The only thing njbmx needs is money for promotion and it’s end of year awards and a few supplies.
The tracks are their own entities, as such it is in each tracks best interest to operate as a 501c3 corporation. Which none of the tracks in NJ are. (there are only 3 anyhow, at one point there were about 20) By applying for and getting 501c3 status it can and will open doors to many new avenues for money and promotion and other things. As shown by Glen Knapper and the TPBMX track.
Becoming a 501c3 takes around 600-700 dollars. It is in all the tracks best interest to push to become 501c3’s.
This subject has been beaten to death but we have or at least HAD a very knowledgable person on this whole subject who was more than willing to help us all out and who did help us out.
I believe that the 5-10 volunteers who come out every single time to always help at the 3 tracks in NJ can keep them up, but in order to get that extra boost sometimes it requires that quantum effort to make massive change.
Who, strangely enough, amassed enough money to completely pay for its own makeover without being a 501c3. i.e.: Someone, or in my opinion everyone, there knows how to manage money.
Now that the track is completely redone the steady volunteers have an easier time taking care of things. (Not that planting fence and raking and soiltacing jumps is easy, but I’m hoping you get my point, sorta)
Dave, my brotha, a track director can’t do everything. He is supposed to make things run smooth.
Again, promote, bring in more racers, or families or whomever, be friendly, and people will want to help out. Become a 501c3 and suddenly the words “non-profit charitable organization” can be added to you tracks by-line.
Maybe Mrs. Knapper should post up the letter she sends out to businesses to get things rolling on donations.
If they can do it, why can’t every single track in NJ do it?