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Anyone who knew the Wrecking Crew back in 1989 knows that I was the sheperd who could not control his flock.

I had a Chevy G20 semi-custom van. The only seats were the two captains chairs up front. The previous owner stripped everything else out of the back and just left the carpet, paneling & lights (yes, it was my little hotel on wheels when not racing, but thats another story… — )

We would stuff 11 bikes and 10 guys ages 14-22 in that thing for road trips. To this day I am still hearing stories about stuff that went on at big races while I was asleep in the van or the hotel room. I’m surprised I never got arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

My guys were nuts. If we got stuck in traffic on Rt. 95 coming back from Maryland races, the guys would open the side door and start cruising chicks. They would even get out and walk across crowded lanes to talk to them. Next time you see Rob Clark or Mike Nunn, just ask them, they’ll tell ya.

Thats about as crazy as yer gonna hear from me because they never told me the other crazy sh*t until now. Mike, Rob & Pat – chime in if you want.

Well, there was the time Chase Digit (not part of my crew, but we were all hangin together) picked a fight with the some overgrown guidos on beach cruisers in Ocean City. That was my introduction to long sprint training… 😯

I’m waiting for Billy Hayden to start unloading some of his stories on here. I know both him AND Farside have some good ones.