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hmmmm so what i am thinking is they are planning on building ( or are in the process of) 3 duplicate olympic tracks for just say how many riders from the usa will be sent to china? is it 4 men and 3 women? for 7 usa riders… i MUST have missed something….i hope they are near wherever they live….

why is the aba / nbl building these… usac should be building these if possible and make them exact replicas not “similar” i heard that whoever build the olympic track isnot giving out the entire track specs only certain areas….( i forget his name)

if they are building it for china worlds then even more rediculous as i dont think many will be traveling to china( not as many as going to canada) and they didnt build replicas of canada track/// so whats the point of building all these dup tracks for a few??

dont we have an olympic training center anyway? is there a track there?

can anyone explain this? when we were in fla they said THEY were building a worlds/ olympic track to practice on too… geesh!