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A lot of people where in the dark when they arrived at this race. They were told at the last minute that if they only had 2 races in out of the 3 that riders with less points, but 3 races would be placed ahead of them for qualifying spots so they would have to qualify at the championships. They were then not told about the extra $15 fee to register at the track until they got there. They were then told that they did not have to have the 3 races in so they had traveled all that way for nothing and had to pay an extra $15 if they wanted to race that day since they were already there.

Add on top of that the Championship Elite Masters class. They are supposed to be a full medal Championship class with the rainbow jersey and medals. Those guys went to all the qualifiers to try and get qualled. Well as of last weekend it is now just another Challenge class. No money, no jersey and no medal. But thank you for your $150 license and $150 registration fee.

This was about as organized as last years UCI races for challenge classes.