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thats one of the rules i did hear the officials talk about at the riders meeting. no c utting over right off the gate… the bleachers were full of riders and parents so i know alot of people heard that rule . i for one didnt see alot of cutting over but then again we were on the opposite side of the track and my eyesight what it is…well ??

i guess when they have all these plates ( i didnt even know you got a #1 plate for this event as it is a qualifier) you can choose when and where you use it? like chocolate and vanilla?

it was a nice event the facility was top notch the food was great ( and very reasonably priced) on a lighter side..parking was convenient and tent space along with camping areas were plenty…

like i said i would have liked to see the rules given out ahead of time instead of 10 mins before the start. maybe the ones that cut over didnt go to the meeting or know about it?

i have to say that i had an issue i had to deal with while i was there and consulted the tedescos about it and got alot of help with it. the track people who were in chage were also very helpful in assisting with resolving the problem. i was very impressed ( it takes a lot to impress me ya know)