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I’m not taking away from the fact that they raced and busted ass…I think I said that before. PLUS this race was age specific and not broken down by class, making it even tougher.
I’m not questioning the people who raced.
I’m questioning why we need 3 national championships.
I should have put up the quote I was commenting on with my comment it was Debbie’s:

some rules they were strict with, some they were not. oh and i was told you cannot protest like in nbl…the usac officials(corner people) have to initiate the protest..

I would also question whether or not the usac sat down with a group of riders and asked them “how should we run a new national championship race?”

Come on man, I wasn’t bashing a sanction, I was asking questions. From what I have heard the event was actually run very well.

According to the Brett Middaugh school of BMX racing. If I just won a national championship race that goes across sanction lines, I should be able to race my new #1 plate any place I wanted. I really want to know where you can run the plate.

Never take my disdain for people constantly touting new and better titles for the riders as me thinking that the riders deserve everything they can get from the people who are charging them money to race their races.