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@bmiddaugh wrote:

barring Mike King, have any of these usac or uci officials ever raced BMX bikes?
Ah, who cares, apparently racers just follow this stuff around like it’s the greatest thing in the world.
racing is so confusing for those expensive number plates.

Grant it the number plate and the jersey are just eye candy, but how can you take a thread about kids who are just trying to have fun and putting there heart into a race and turn it into a sanction bashing thread.

I know with us that qualifing for the worlds was all we had in mind when we went to this race, as I would be sure that everyone else had the same intentions. My son made the decision to try and go the worlds this year because he wanted to be able to say “hey I did that”, not because of some “expensive number plate”.

I just want to show you what this race was all about for a couple of the riders that attended…..

Notice the smiles…….