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i honestly think that by riding my bike for the past six years has kept me out of a lot of trouble. it kept me away from drugs, smoking, drinking, and a bunch of other stupid stuff. i’ve been invited to so many parties where i just totally decline them and go out and ride. or i’ll bring my bike with me and stay outside the whole time riding my bike.

my dad is a very strict catholic dude. he was never a jesus freak until about two years ago and its really weird. he is always teling me there is a reason for everything. this just makes no sense. i got caught trying to sneak out last to ride and i got in even more trouble.

the thing is that i don’t understand, i’m 18 years old and SHOULD be able to do what I want.

thanks for all the positive support. i’m going to keep on riding. for the rest of my life. thank you all.

and yes antdog, i got your message, but i was too pissed to talk to anyone that day. and i’m still pretty bummed. and i have my graduation party on saturday and i’m sure its going to suck, i told a lot of my friends to bring their bikes. but, yeah.