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to tell the truth bmxmom. i don’t hang out with any one. and if i do happen to hang out with people, that don’t do drugs or do drugs around me. i’m straightedge myself. and so are like five of my friends that i really hang out with and ride with.

my dad just doesn’t make any sense to me, it really just bothers me. i have to sneak out to do some as harmless as pedaling a bike around in circle for four hours? its just a damn bike, its not like i’m going around banging hookers all night or shooting up on some stype of drug. it just pisses me off.

i’ll never understand and i’ll never find out what he is doing this to me. and yes, i have done things with out them asking me to do them. i do that a lot. but even when i do, its not good enough.

and brett, once i get a chance from too, i will definitey be doing some reading.