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ridinlow–the only thing you can do now is hit the front page and vote for GHP —

After the incident that involved the “team manager” in Pottstown, I don’t think that I would ever want to vote for GHP.

I wasn’t going to dignify any of your comments with a response, especially since you are hiding behind a screen name, but now I will.

(A) To answer your post in a different thread, yes, I am a “team manager” of a brand new local racing team. I just got back into racing last year and things are different than back in the day. I put an innocent post asking for start times for a race. I tried finding it on the NBL site and couldn’t. I did not have a copy of the NBL mag handy (where I know I would find it) so I just asked my friends on here for a little help.

Now, considering the big deal yer making out of EHT adding a double last minute, I would think you would find this RESPONSIBLE of me to make sure of a race start time. It seems all you like to do is start trouble.

Regarding EHT adding a double last minute, well, I am sure all the serious racers know to check the websites regularly for these things. EHT is not obligated to make a double race, it was a nice bonus that day for those who attended. Yeah, more notice is always nice, but when we cure cancer, then we can make a big deal out of stuff like this.

(B) There was no incident at Pottstown. There was a late night post here on this site which was primarily good natured back-n-forth between the TMs. So please, if you really care about this sport, grow up and stop trying to pick fights on the school playground, okay?

As always (and I have been guilty of this in the past, too) you don’t know the whole story, so making comments on here without the facts can lead to hurt feelings or making something out of nothing.

If we are all adults here, then before firing a shot at someone in public, how about talking to the person via pm or in person first? That is what a responsible person would do. Otherwise, you are just a trouble maker.

Now, that said, I am guilty of the above as many of us are. We are all a little cranked up these days. But I know for the most part its because we are all PASSIONATE about this sport, so being a little cranked up is not necessarily a bad thing.

Thats my $.03 on the subject.

Make it a great day!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀