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A. Please disregard Macdaddy’s post as he still hasn’t had that inaugural practice lap yet to allow me to hear his opinion, 😆 .

B. Craig is insane. Hello, “Crazy” Craig Wilson… jeesh.

C. The nbl point system is a joke. We all know that, but hey Let’s have fun.

D. Bill Hayden is not his real name, it is Ripmea Anewbewthole. Enough with the incognitis Ripmea.

E. Ridinlow came on, obviously to see if they could stir some people up. Mission accomplished…man if you guys were fish, you’d all be in Ridin’s fying pan tonight.

F. BMX racers need to stop taking BMX so seriously. You guys seriously need to hang out at a BMX freestyle contest, breathe the air, relax, it’s fun.

G. Is for GHP, because they are leading the poll. Which by the way is not fixed, but does go by ip addresses. Tell your buddies to vote for your favorite team and make sure you watch them because as we learned on the X-Files….

Trust No One… 😯