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interesting point of view–

not my personal opinion, but you are entitled to it.

where should one begin?

#1– yes things may be getting done– but with un-needed resistance. these things should have been no-braininers, but there were people that were reluctant to do anything. and not just the grant– bike hangers, the grant, blah blah.. and it wasn’t Mr. farside, despite what you may have been told or think.

#2– not sure who you are or who you know, but i’m guessing that you don’t know farsied evry well. because ifyou could spend just a few minutes with him, than you would know that he has been overlly willing to do what ever he could, but keeps running into brick walls with the powers that be.

#3– the site is here so that people can “post stupid stuff” — ie: your entire post

that’s about all i have for now

dave pawlowski