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flattire, your right. I just want it to work out. You all can call me nieve (sp) or whatever, but I choose to do what I can to make it work so my kids and I have the opportunity to race BMX. I can’t say I am making the right choice, just that I am doing what I can. That may be grooming a track, it may be stopping some kid on a bike and asking them “ever raced that thing?”, it might be a simple email or it might be becoming an NBL official. Lance said its “not about the bike”. Well, to me, it really is about the bike. 20″, cruiser or Mtn bike… I love it! I don’t think everyone on the board is evil. I don’t think everyone on BS.net has the answer.

Bicycle Motocross Racing didn’t start with me, hopefully it won’t end with me.

I do know that there is alot of kids out there who don’t even know there is BMX racing in NJ. If we reach all those kids, we can talk about the next step.

you know… someone from the board (names not important) asked me whos side I am on….well I told them exactly what I will tell you. I am on the side of BMX in NJ. Love it or leave it.
If you have the answer, PLEASE, lets hear it.