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My dad and brothers taught me how to build bikes from spare parts. We jumped them ’till they broke. That was the 70’s. Fast forward to 81 – I graduate from 8th grade and get a tri-moly Goose – see my first copy of a BMX mag – see the posters on the wall at the bike shop – I got hooked. I became “the man” at my local jumps – but then get introduced to “The Crater” in Whippany. Everyone is talking about this guy Phil. He shows up on a PK Ripper and just launches out of the Crater. Big air. Crazy. Eventually guys like Wog and me became “the man” at the Crater. It was cool. We started racing more and seing guys like Dave “Spanky” Campbell, Billy Seargeant, Sal Echel, Chris Williams, Brad Dalbec, etc at Braddock, and they were “the man” and thats what we shot for next. We would have our time in the sun as well. And when I came back to BMX seeing Farside “the man” got me stoked again. I don’t know if I’ll ever beat him – but I know one thing – I got better hair than him and Klimecki put together. 😛

I know. That comment will cost me. Someone put a mattress on the backside of turn 1 and make sure you move the RV.