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Jason Richardsons brother Karim brought a BMX PLUS on the bus on the way to school one day. Yes we went to the same school when they lived in EHT. From that point I was hooked. If I remember right Karim and JR were both there that night I started racing. Over 24 years ago and Im still hooked. I wanted to be like Farside. Fast as hell and winnin everywhere. My dad would read all of my mags and wondered who Rich was. and when he finally seen him race he was in a trance for days. he would say Rich was flawless. We would be in Vineland, Rich would show up for practice , my dad would stand up, drop his Racing Form(yes he is an avid handycapper of the ponys), stand thier in aw and watch every move he made on the track. I dont want to be like him right now. Sorry Rich I know Im better lookin and have a full head of hair when I want to grow it. 😆