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I broke my arm before I even started racing.
I fixed it and started racing.

I fell numerous times during my stint as a racer, got run over, the whole nine.
I kept going.

I started freestyling.
No one had teams to promote stuff in NJ.
I started one, gathered riders and got to work.

One person was doing contests in the area.
I helped him, because he helped the riders.
Things grew.

Then it died.
There were no contests, no places to ride.

With a friend in a bike shop, I opened a ramp park and held contests.
When everyone said BMX was dead.
During this time, I blew out both my knees.
I kept going.

I am sure all those “I’s” can be replaced with we because that is what we do as BMXers, we keep going.
We get kicked, knocked down, hurt, but we get back up and try again.
It is the price you pay for being an individual and a free thinker.
Get over what people say can’t be done and realize that we can do anything.

Renny Roker is proposing a 100,000 pro series.
What are we proposing?