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I think there should be sensitivity training for this site…I dont doubt peoples love for BMX..I bust chops thats what I do….It is so easy to misinterpret what people are trying to say on forums…Like I said if this is an all around BMX gathering than it shouldnt be in the flatland section..As a matter of fact if all you guys truly believe that BMX is a family unit than why are there Flatland,Racing,Street sections????If you want to unite than unite.Stop sending mixed messages….

Any of you that know me and have ridden with me know that I appreciate all forms of BMX Ive ridden street,parks,trails,flatland you name it….I even showed up at a race last year to check the scene out and catch up with a couple of you on here…

It is great to see a change but regardless of what you may think flatland is kept out of a lot of events and that I find disrespectful..Ive ridden flatland since the early 80’s and hate to see it walked on or under-appreciated…Regardless of the mix, Flatland is still very much alive with its own contests,businesses, riders and websites….So I say to you Broken Spokes Admin…..if this is to be a mixed gathering than move this thread to a General BMX section…………..Peace……….