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Ant thankyou I think ? Anyway I can handle this myself .First if anyone TALKED to me they would know that I make very little money at any of the events that I do and its really about the passion and the future of bmx as a whole .My question to anyone part of this event why are you involved ? what do you get out of it ? Are you willing to work completly for free ? time is money !!! I invest alot of my time into bmx I may not have my own website , company ,store whatever …but my passion is strong DO NOT doubt my love for bmx because I may make a buck or two that will eventually find its way back into bmx with my kids bikes/ parts ,entry fees , etc… And that state of freestyle, flatland, street whatever is and was in our hands so if you are not happy with it maybe you have to look at youself and ask maybe I should have done more put a little more effort in cant blame anyone but youself .I dont want to get to crazy here but god dam I am bmx between the riding of done to the places its takin me to the stores i have worked for to the parts i made to the events and comps I support to the future with my children ridng andd the riding I stillmake time for . DONT HATE ME mf er be proud of me, for me !!!!!!!