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here it is straight from the bawls website. see what you think…..

BAWLS Sponsors BMX Racing

What can’t we do?

BAWLS Guarana has just announced its exclusive energy drink sponsorship of the National Bicycle League! (Insert applause and screams of excitement here!)
BAWLS Guarana will be the “Official Energy Drink” at all 25 events for the 2007 National and Regional Midwest and Southeast NBL Tournaments.
Not only will BAWLS keep the riders bouncing after catching a buzz when they soft-tail their bike, but the BAWLS Guarana logo will be on New Rider Number Plates and on bike helmets! The best part is that you can drink all of the BAWLS Guarana you want!
Also, limited edition NBL logo and graphics packaging will be available on the BAWLS Guarana 12-packs! Pick up your BAWLS-NBL 12-pack at CompUSA in the late summer! Bounce with BAWLS!

Read a press release about our sponsorship with the NBL.