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Ok. well we can argue about why we are still in Iraq, cause I know you and I disagree on that!! We gotta stay long enough to kill all the bastards coming to the new terrorism Mecca, whether you think we went for the wrong rerason or not. Lets face it, all of the elected officials, either party thought the weapons were there. after 911, with all his saber rattling, what wait like we did with Osama, and lose another 3000 people, NO WAY. Now that being said, the small amount of stuff found didn’t constitute an invasion, unless of coarse he did smuggle it out.

Now that we are there though we are killing thousands of perspective terrorists in their homeland rather than letting them come here and kill us, which is after all what they want, us gone!!!

Think of it this way, say we have killed 2000 of them there. Now divide that by 20, and you get 100. now multiply that times 3000, (the number killed on 911), and presto you have save potentially 300,000 Americans

Go ahead Adam fire back