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I usually steer clear of political debates, but I can’t ignore this one.

We should have done to Saddam what the British did to a bunch of radical ragheads back in 1916 I believe.

They caught 7 extremists back then throwing bombs for Allah and what have you. Well, the Brits lined up 6 of them in front of a firing squad, took the youngest off to the side and said “Watch this” Before they were shot the officers smeared pig fat and bacon grease all over the condemmed. Now, if you know the Muslim religion, which by the way is a great religion unless it is twisted by extremists, you can’t go to Allah if you are “Dirty” Since Muslims consider a pig an unclean animal they don’t touch them at all…soooo, guess what..6 Muslims were condemmed to spend the afterlife without ever getting close to Allah.

No Martyers in that group!

The soldiers then released the one prisoner with the instructions to go back and tell his brethern ragheads what happened. He did, and the BS stopped until after WWII when they got all stupid again. Hence the situation we find ourselves in once again.

They should have done this to Saddam right before he dropped thru the trap door…and then let everyone know about it!!..CNN, FOX, CSNBC ABC..everyone! The hell with being Politically Correct with this vermin already.

The troops over in Iraq and anywhere else these problems arise should do the same thing. Dip there ammo in pig fat, along with the bombs and missles, and let them know that this is what is happening. How much you wanna bet they scurry back in their holes and hide? Maybe a simplistic answer and I bet someone raises objections over it because of religious implications and depriving bomb throwing radicals the right to practice their religion while heaving bombs and bullets. I say put the objectors out there as well..or let them go live in caves and holes in the ground with their friends.

We also need to bring back George Patton, Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan. They at least knew how to fight a war and didn’t turn it into a political mess. They got the job done.