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What’s with all the exclamation points, Ant dog? Are you a big fan of BMX Plus! too? Is your real name John Kerr? Were you afraid of Skuzzer Switchblade? Were you hot for Bonnie Brainstorm or whatever her name was? (Yeah, I’m not proud of it but I used to read it. That’s cause if you were ape-shizz for BMX you read every magazine you could get your hands on from cover to cover)

I just found it interesting and perhaps part of a bigger picture. Perhaps these people are betting that the Olympics will usher in BMX’s third wave and there will be some money to be made in the next few years on it. I mean, after all these years, why bring back Radical Rick now and make a movie out of it? Nobody cared about it back then. Why make a movie out of it now?

Anybody else think that’s why they’re making a movie out of it? Anybody else think BMX will see a third wave? 83, 98, 08?