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a quick addendum to Cave’s post.
The first cartoon character I remember seeing was The Grab On Kid, by Bob Haro.
It was amazing, it was in the Mighty BMXA.
RR was a bit of a cheap knock off, and was apparently written down to a kids level.

This is what made BMXA what it was, it was written for “kids”, but it did not pander to them.
And lastly, when I read Dave’s captions for his Iron Man pictures, I was immediately taken back to the days of BMXA, because that style of just writing about a picture and making it seem like you were part of the action even though you weren’t there is what made the mag even more amazing.

It’s one thing to say, Joe Rider beat everyone in the 12 x main.

It’s a whole ‘nother level of creativity to do what Dave does.