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I don’t know how this thread got on collectors but I think that stuff is stupid too.

And much like I prefer the ABA to the NBL, bitd I preferred BMX Action to BMX Plus! and Radical Retard was one of the reasons. That cartoon was so gay, I hated it. BMX Action was ten times the magazine that Plus! was. You can’t take a magazine that seriously if every blurb on the cover ended in an exclamation point! …. BMX Plus! Cruiser shootout! Sickest new freestyle trick! Reader Survey! Subscription deal! Table of contents! Advertisers index! and much, much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But is anybody seeing what I’m seeing? They’re resurrecting this OLD cartoon to make a movie, and have a promotional tour this summer? Is it me or are they hoping to cash in on the Olympic frenzy? Is 2007 going to be the beginning of BMX’s third wave?