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OK you’re Mike Mclaughlin. I didn’t know. But it’s still nonsense.

And Debbie he doesn’t have his facts straight. He has conjecture. That’s not facts.

People from NJ would go to Blue Diamond? Would they? That’s conjecture and remains to be proven. Well I’ll conjecture they wouldn’t. NJ riders wouldn’t get points towards the NJ state series or the high point awards from those tracks so without that incentive they’d be less inclined to do it. Blue Diamond draws from First State and First State draws from Blue Diamond. Split the state in half and you’ll hurt it. Blue Diamond would get less people from Jersey than they would lose from First State.

You’re looking at this from a Jersey-centric view. The truth is Delaware is ABA and Eastern PA is mostly ABA. If you look at it that way, turning NBL doesn’t make sense at all.

Yes what is needed is one sanction and other countries think it’s ridiculous that we have two but that’s the way it turned out in this country and there’s WAY too much pride on both sides to merge or give in. They’ll fight till they die.

I made a statement without backing it up because I’ve been racing for twenty years and quite frankly I know what I’m talking about. As an announcer I see the towns that the people are from on the moto sheets so I know where racers are coming from. I also get tired of this kind of talk because nobody on this site can make a track change sanctions so it’s all you-know-what anyway.