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i am not the video game expert ( haha dont laugh we still have ps1 here) but i can see them making a game where you have just say 3 level tracks.. beginner / intermediate/ pro tracks..(like the one for the worlds). you can pick your rider( pro) or use your own name and who you race…just like the backyard football games… can you see kids putting themselves in a race… they are in gate 2 and randy stumphouser is in 4 and they go around the first turn…. take out the whole pack or pimp in the turns.. whatever. … you have to have elbows/crashes to make it interesting of course… they could keep points which when accumulated can earn them a full factory sponsorship or something like that..

im sure one of you older guys who have been around could think up somethng creative…hey you could even have an “old school” section on the game where the races are flats only…etc. could def be cool..

they could start selling these at nationals/ online… remember when they had those little freestyle finger bikes the kids all went nuts for? i think dan still has a box of them somewhere…. kids would def go for a racing video game..