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Thanks Rod,
I just realized that you probably know me longer than anyone here. Man…back to what 87-88? I don’t lie…so I won’t sit here and say a video game is in the works but I will PROMISE everyone that we have the backing to do what needs to be done, and enough motivated people to do it. My experience is primarily with freestyle where the attitude is “go the hell for it”. It took me 2 years to figure out how the nbl and NJBMX work, in that time I’ve listened and learned a lot.
And I have it figured out.
Freestyle- No rules, go for it.
Racing- Rules, follow them to get what you need. You have to follow the rules. That last sentence is very important.

It also helps to have the media on your side and as long as you play by the rules the media is cool with what ya do. As long as you play by the rules.