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I think the reason we need to have the meeting on the 10th is to get our poop together as a group. I am sorry I didn’t back ya up on the Janeen thing, but I am not sure if an online forum is the place to do that, and like Brett said, what matters most is moving forward from here.

YES, I do agree with you on how things have played out. But Brett also said that Mr. Fillipone was probably elected illegally, and at a meeting no one knew about. By rights Rich or you or Carolan or Brett should be asst commish. So maybe we can effect that in Jan.

I think we all agree that we want to walk into the as-yet-to-be-scheduled Jan meeting and just tear the place apart, but I believe change takes time. Last year was the first year for this group. I think many in charge dont believe we will all be around next year. And if you drop out now, you are just proving them right. I think they all feel a bunch of us came back, got fired up, but it wont last. And yeah, not everyone will stick with it for a variety of reasons, but I think as Brett said that if the core of this group holds its ground and shows up in Jan, they will see we are serious and not going anywhere, and hopefully they will see all we want is to re-energize this sport and move it forward.

Everyone on this forum was there in the 80’s. We may never get back to those days. But like a new friend of mine said, we gotta stop thinking about those days and focus on now, 2007, and the new memories we can create.