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you only have what 3-4 local pros anyway? and like i said if you take away the pro/am races and you shut out the older experts they will find another place to race. i know for one we will be traveling to ct to do their series if nj does that. you have to try to keep them in it not exclude them. all i heard for 2 yrs is ” I cant wait to turn 16 to race those guys” thats what makes them faster chasing down the likes of phil etc… not mixing them with novices racing class only.

not to offend anyone but look at it thru the eyes of a 16-18 yr old…do you think that the 2 jimmy m’s, danny, vinny, and the rest of the up and comming kids will turn pro just to race the open in a state/ local race? i highly doubt it. i see the new pros who went pro a little prematurely not even making it out of motos at a national. not to dis anyone but that was their decision. are there riders who needed to turn up ? sure. should most of them that went up to pro at woodward have stayed am? i think they are the ones who can answer that question. i dont think they should have. but thats just my opinion.

i dont care, it dosnt matter to me, i will take my son to wherever he wants to race if that be out of state to get competition so be it. we have already had this conversation this past summer. nj needs to build up their program not exclude riders or discourage them. i agree with brett. when we start seeing 3-4 racks of pro/am like ct does at torrington on a sunday then start splitting the class if you like. untill then building it up is the only way.