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16 over x and pros.
state series only.

the state series already has an open. what are we doing different then? honestly, why bother going through all the trouble getting peolple to run and organize something that is already built in.

ask the local pro’s when is good for them? after the national schedules are out, i bet we could figure out some local weekends that a majority of the local pros won’t be traveling. if not, thier loss, not ours– remember, we are talking like 5-6 races, with three of them most likelly being at state races, leaving us with three weekends to figure out.

this can work– really– the last year mullica was open, they ran four friday night races that had pro/am opens– the first one brought 8 racres, by the last one we had a main. with no promotion at all, just word of mouth. with a little promotion, this could be something great.

oh– janeen talked about having an open series last season at egg harbor but it never came about. give her a break, she does alot for njbmx and asks for nothing back. who really gives a shit who thaught of the idea or who is putting it together and why.

brett–altruism– thanks for making me pick up a book and learn something new– keep your $10 words to yourself. speak on a third grade level so we can all understand :wink:!